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Examine budget and seek new ways to improve efficiency and increase profits. Review, examine, and evaluate financial structure, administrative policies, and management systems. Ensure compliance with regulations of Department of Health and Human Services. Must be efficient at research and analysis of information on corporations and individuals company contracts with. Must ensure overall program performance evaluation, policy analysis, and draft budget-related policies. Must direct and supervise business operations and patient care services in accordance with federal and state regulations as well as company standards. Will be responsible for managing home health business line, fiscal management, documentation, compliance, and revenue development. Must stay abreast of home health regulatory changes and educate company and staff for changes. Must develop annual budgets for health and retirement benefits and present to management for any corrective action that must be taken. Must be capable of auditing payroll transactions and reviewing monthly quarterly profits and expenditures.


4 Year Degree in Business Administration, Finance, or Accounting, with 36 months prior experience. (Home Health Care Experience Preferred)

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